Exante weight loss slowed

Did you feel that your weight loss slowed down the more you lost or was it pretty consistent? I managed to lose about 3. 5 stone about 6 years ago over 9 months with WeightWatchers and masses of exercise (as a single girl living alone it was v easy to go to the gym loads and restrict my diet at the same time, not so easy with DH and DS! )

Mercury 115 pro xs weight loss

When you're feeding your need for speed, Mercury Pro XS engines will get you there faster. Engineered to meet the demands for high speeds on fresh or salt water, these highperformance motors deliver a winning combination of power, acceleration, durability, and fuel efficiency.

125 vs 250f weight loss

Nov 03, 2005 Given your weight I would stay away from a 125 2 stroke but I have no qualms about recommending a 125 class bike so I'd be looking 250F. I went from a 20 year old 125 to a 250 2 stroke and while I love the bike there is plenty of times I think I'm faster on my son's 125 and don't tire out as quick riding it.