Fall in Love with Fitness

Fitness can be a way of life rather than a goal. Integrate health and body maintenance into your daily schedule and you’ll never need to go on a diet again. Additionally, you won’t need to go through extensive workouts to get back on track because you’ll already be fit. The key to consistent fitness is to fall in love with looking after your body and staying in good shape. After all, when you’re in love, you enjoy going that extra mile to reach your heart’s desire.


Start with appreciation

If you want to enjoy fitness, you first need to appreciate your body. Many people start their fitness endeavors from a place of dissatisfaction. They hate their physical shape, don’t like themselves, and are negative about keeping fit. If you begin any journey feeling negative, you are bound to get lost before reaching your destination. You won’t feel motivated to continue and may veer off the path to success. When you love your body, there’s a good chance you’ll also learn to love fitness since it nurtures you.



Start to see your body differently. You might have viewed it in terms of appearance, but it’s time to recognize it as an asset. Consider how amazing it is; think about all it does while you go about your daily life. You don’t need to think about breathing or try to pump your heart muscles to live; your body does everything on your behalf.

While there’s nothing wrong with wanting to look great, and attractiveness can be advantageous, remember your body is the house of your soul, of who you are. You aren’t your body, it’s where you live. Your prime motivation for fitness ought to be maintenance of your abode so you can be healthy and continue to do what you love doing. Think of your body this way and you’ll care for it; you won’t be angry with it for not matching your mental image of perfection.


See fitness as a friend

Once you appreciate your body and care for it, you will be able to see fitness as a friend. Until now, you may have viewed it as a difficult chore. Now, though, it can be a comrade who supports your health and happiness. Rather than disliking exercise, you can embrace it as a wonderful tool.


At the same time, fitness can be fun. Like your other friends, it should be a joy to be around, not something you want to avoid. By bringing enjoyable ways of keeping fit into your daily routine, you’ll hardly realize you’ve been exercising. Go for pleasurable walks to watch nature winding down in the evening and allow yourself to feel inspired by getting out into the open and jogging as the birds sing in the morning Play physical games with your family, like badminton, and go cycling along country tracks. You’ll soon regard fitness as a fun way to support your health and expand your joy.

Change the way you think about your body, and fitness will turn into a supportive, generous friend you love. Throw out the idea you have to keep fit to be attractive, and recognize your body is a precious, remarkable house for your soul. You want to take care of it because it’s special and important, not because it looks pleasing to others. You will, no doubt, look fabulous as the result of falling in love with fitness, but that’s just the icing on the cake!

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