5 Problems Everyone Has with to Do Lists – How to Solve Them

Your to-do list can help you be organized and get things done, but only if you overcome the five main problems people have with them. The chances are, you make lists and don’t use them wisely. Additionally, you might not make doable lists, which is why they don’t work. Find out how to solve to-do list challenges so you can be super-organized.


Where is your to do list?

You only need glance on the floor of a shopping center to see plenty of lost lists, often dropped when people fumble in their pockets. You don’t need to make to-do lists on paper; you can use apps that work on mobile phones and computers Your app can remind you when you need to buy your spouse flowers to celebrate your anniversary, or to pick up milk from the shops. However, if you prefer paper lists, keep yours neatly folded in your top buttoned pocket or in the zip compartment of your bag.


todoWhat are your priorities?


Your to-do list might be in a Rife place, but are tasks in the right order? When you list chores haphazardly, you will also carry them out haphazardly. Your dreams of being organized will fade because you’ll do things at the wrong times. Often, there will be items on the list that can wait for the following day, but if your priorities haven’t been established, you may do them first and miss vital chores. Put urgent items at the top and less important ones below, in descending order, and you’ll know what must be done.


Do you break tasks down into steps?

Some tasks on your to-do list may seem monumental. The problem with writing large tasks on your list is that they may never be accomplished because you don’t see them as doable. By breaking down big tasks into steps, listing them under a main topic, you won’t be discouraged by their complexity. You’ll soon tick steps off, one by one, and feel motivated to complete them all.


How many items are on your list?

If you place too many items on one list, you’ll feel overwhelmed; you’ll freeze with fear and you won’t get much done. If you have lots of tasks to consider, write several lists, labeling them No. 1, 2, 3, and so forth. Tackle them individually without glancing at the next until you are ready. Make sure the first to-do list contains the most urgent things needing to be accomplished in a timely fashion.


Have you scheduled the creation of your next to-do list?

Creating to-do lists takes time. Yes, they save time once completed, but you still have to draw them up initially. Your list might save you hours, but there’s a good chance you won’t even write it if you don’t allow time in which to do so, and remember it needs to be done. Make creating your next to-do list the last item on each existing list.

To-do lists can be effective ways of recording tasks to complete. However, they need to be written well, considering the urgency of chores and how complex they are. At the same time, they need to be convenient and safe. If you remember to draw up subsequent ones in good time, they will become essential everyday tools.

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